Aerial Competiton Management Software 

To preview Aerial...
You can try out Aerial without purchasing it. 
Click link below to open download requestor (Note: The requestor can take 3-4 seconds to appear). 
Save download to your computer, then unzip (or open) the ".zip" folder. Double-click "setup.exe" to install. 
You can explore Aerial using the included "Demo" meet roster, or you can run a meet of your own by obtaining a trial version unlock key after installing the software.  The trial version is good for 30 days.
 To purchase Aerial...
Click the "Club Info" link (below) to open a form for entering your club's full and short name, and, if you know it, your club number.  Then click the "Add to Cart" buttons for the components you wish to purchase.  You will receive a small file (the "Config" file) via e-mail which you can use to unlock, configure and serialize the software.  If you haven't done so already, download the software components you wish to purchase (above links).  If you have previewed the software, you do not need to download again, even if trial period has expired.
Click here to enter club info >  CLUB INFO
The Master Station will help you plan and organize your meet, develop your meet roster, perform all scorekeeping tasks, and produce meet reports and award labels.
The Event Station software is used with netbooks or laptops at each judging table to collect scores and control the scoreboards. The Event Stations can be wirelessly networked with the Master Station which automatically receives scores and updates its master roster. NOTE: You need only one copy of the Event Station sofware; it can be installed multiple times (i.e., for each event).
The Leaderboard software is installed on a laptop which is connected (typically) to a digital projector for a large format display of event leaders as the meet progresses.  The Leaderboard computer needs to be networked (wired or wirelessly) to the Master Station.
 Master Station
    Event Station