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***** New Release *****

Aerial Master Station Version 7.80R
Build date 12-5-2017
      This release is a beta test release.  It has been used several meets this year (2017).  Please let us know if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion.

      NOTE: Installing version 7.80R will delete past meets, or any meet undergoing developed. 

     To save past or current meets, before installing 7.80R, start up the old Aerial and use “Copy Meet” to create backup copies of the meets you want to save.  Then, after installing 7.80R,

     you can use the copy function to import the meets. This process will convert the old database format to the new.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Installation Instructions

To install the new 7.80R version:

        1. Click the "Download" link below.

        2. Download the MasterStationSetup file. (Right-click the file and select ‘Download’; save to your desktop)

        3. Use Windows ‘Programs and Features’ in the control panel to remove the currently installed MasterStation.

        4. Delete the folder C:\OlympicFox\AerialData\Rosters\   (This is where meet data is stored. The Uninstall function will not delete this folder)

        5. Unzip the download and double-click MasterStationSetup.exe; follow instructions.

        6. Move your ‘Config’ file to your desktop and start the MasterStation app; click "Upgrade" in the upgrade requester window..


This link will take you to Google's cloud, where Aerial apps are stored.

Aerial 7.80R Download

Google Drive's download process is a mess. There's several ways to do it, here's one that  less jarring...


Aerial Master Station Changes

Home Page.  This is the window you see on startup.  Looks much the same, some never-used functions removed.

New Meet Window.  Major changes here. Much simpler.  No longer necessary to assign levels for each session, making  it easier to reassign gymnasts’ sessions. Also it will show you a list of your sessions; you don’t have to call up one sessions at a time to make changes. Redundant features have been removed. 


Scorekeeping.  The user interface now uses a standard menu bar across the top of the window, and Event Stations controls across the bottom, for both network and USB score transfers.

Copy Meet.  Major changes to simplify, basic functions still the same, eliminated some unnecessary complexities.

Competition Number Assignment.  Simplified.

Age-Divisions Table. This window has be drastically changed, the cumbersome tables window replace with a single Age-Divisions table. Use this table to define the levels and age-divisions for your meet. When opened, it lists the levels used for your meet. Click a level to expand its age-divisions. Click the “Help” button for information about editing, creating new tables, levels, age-divisions etc.


 > This release enables T&T data entry of Difficulty and Deduction scores. It also powers the new Digital Projection Scoreboard.
 > You can use your current "Config" file to activate the Master Station, Event Stations and Leaderboard.  The Digital Projection Scoreboard will require a new license and config file.
 > This release is a work-in-progress; there's still much to be done.  If you encounter a problem, or have a suggestion, please contact us at

Purchase Aerial

If you've not previously purchased Aerial, and wish to do so, click the  Club Info  link, complete and submit the form.  Then select the apps and complete the purchase through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to do this).  We will send you a "Configuration" file that will activate the Master Station and other apps.  Upgrades to your original purchase are always free. :)

Click "Description" in the navigation menu for more detailed information about each app.