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T&T and Artistic Gymnastic

Imaginative  |  Powerful  |  Innovative  |  Affordable.
The Aerial system consists of apps working together to help you run a spectacular meet -- and to do it at an incredibly low cost.

Aerial Master Station

The Master Station is all you need to set up and run a gymnastics competition.  You can develop your meet roster; assign age-divisions, define & test reports, enter scores, and print award reports and labels.

Aerial Event Stations

Add Event Stations to capture scores at the judges' table.  Scores are transferred to the Master Station via wireless network,
or with a USB flash drive. You can skip networking complexities entirely using a flash drive.  Or, if your network link goes down
in the middle of your meet, you can continue on with a flash drive, without missing a beat.

Aerial Leaderboard

Run it on a stand-alone computer, or from the Master Station, the Leaderboard will cycle through gymnast groups to display current
standings. Display event standings or team standings. And it's configurable; display data as you would like to see it.

Aerial Teams

The Teams app has a two-fold purpose: 

1. To create team lists for meets,
2. Create a database of meet results.

1. It eliminates repetitive handling of gymnast information, which reduces the potential for error.
With a few mouse clicks, a club can create a team list, gymnasts and coaches, and send it to the meet hosts.  Gymnasts as "New Add",
"Change" or "Scratch",  thus keeping the roster current.

The idea is that gymnast information need be entered only once. Because it is entered well before attending a meet, without time-constraint
pressures, the data will be less prone to error.  And it need not be entered again, further reducing the potential for error.

The team list is automatically imported into the meet roster.

Aerial Photo Station

Print individual meet certificates after the meet or session. You can design custom borders and background graphics, add gymnast pictures,
custom text messages, and a summary of events, scores and placement.  Custom text messages can be included. These are great meet
souvenirs, inexpensive and very popular -- a nice money-maker for the host club.