Delete a Site
    Open site; click More > Manage Site. A 'Delete Site' button appears near center page
Create a Link
    1. Copy the link info. 
        For a link to a download file, find the file's "Download" text, right click and select "Properties". In the properties window, Highlight and copy the link data.
        For a link to a page, click More > Manage Site > Pages.  Right-click the desired page and select "Properties".  Highlight and copy the link data.
        For a link to another Google site, the link text is listed under the site name in the  "My Sites" page
    2. Navigate to the page where you want the link, select "Edit" mode.  Highlight the text that is to become the link.  Click the "Insert" menu, select
        "Link".  Select "Web Address" and paste the link data into the "Link" text box.  click "OK" and save the page
    3 To add a link to a navigation menu item, click More > Manage Site > Site Layout.  Click "Edit" next to 'Navigation' under "Sidebar".
        Select "Add URL", fill in the menu text, paste the URL, click OK.  Save the page.
        Note: you can edit menu items that are URL links by double-clicking the menu item.
Manage the Navigation Menu
    Click "Edit Sidebar" under the navigation menu, or click "More > Manage Site > Site Layout; then click "Edit" next to "Navigate"
    If a menu item is a web link, double-click to open it for editing.
Changing a link
    Open a page for editing, click the link you want to change; click "Change"
 Changing sharing
    Click the "Share" button, upper-right corner, or click More > Sharing.  Click "Change" under the "Who has Access" heading.
Delete a Page
    Open the page, click More > Delete Page
Replace header text with a graphics logo
    Select the home page, click More > Manage Site > Site Layout.  Click "Change Logo" under "Header.  Browse for logo, click "OK" then click "Save"
    NOTE: the "Fox Microsystems Aerial Sports Management" is a graphic located in "c:\OlympicFoxDev\Wed\AerialGraphics\" and is named