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The Aerial system can be used for Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic and Trampoline & Tumbling gymnastics.  The system consists of
five major components, these being:
 Master Station  |  Event Station  |  Leaderboard  |  Photo Station  |  MyTeam
Aerial Master Station
The Master Station will help you plan and organize your meet, develop your meet roster, perform all scorekeeping tasks. Gymnast data can be downloaded from USAG, imported from MyTeam or entered manually. You can define Age-Division tables, pre-define the reports and award labels, track your meet finances, organize your march-in, analyze ribbon needs, and more.  On meet day, the Master Station is used to enter and process gymnast scores. You can enter scores directly into the Master Station, or network to Event Stations.  Standard tie-breaking can be applied, or you can choose not to break ties.  The system notifies the operator when to load paper in the printer for reports, and when to load labels for printing award labels.
      Configuring Aerial for a Meet
Aerial Event Stations
The Event Station software is installed on netbooks or laptops, and used at each judging table to collect scores and control the scoreboards. Scoreboards can be individually located near their respective event, or all can be placed in a central location. See the "Scoreboard" page for details.
The Event Stations can be wirelessly networked with the Master Station, which automatically receives scores and updates the master roster.  However, a network is not required; scores can be transfered to the master with a USB flash drive.
NOTE: You need to purchase only one copy of the Event Station sofware; it can be installed multiple times (i.e., for each event).
Aerial Leaderboard
The Leaderboard software is installed on a laptop which is connected (typically) to a digital projector for a large format display of event leaders as the meet progresses.  The Leaderboard computer needs to be networked (wired or wirelessly) to the Master Station.
Photo Station
The Photo Station is used to print individual meet certificates at the conclusion of the meet / session.  It will print a custom border, the gymnast's picture and a summary of scores by event.  Custom text messages can be included.  This requires a photographer with a digital camera and someone to produce the certificates.  These are popular and can be a money-maker for the host club.
Developing an accurate and error-free roster is difficult, especially for T&T gymnastics.  MyTeam eliminates errors and makes it easy for visiting clubs to electronically send gymnast info to the host club.  Simply select the attending gymnasts from your home team, create an e-mail attachment and send to the host.  It takes only a minute or two, and it eliminates the need to write out a team list each time you attend a meet; just click and send.  If changes occur (someone gets sick), its just as easy to send an update.
Plus, the team lists are electronically added to the meet roster, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
In the future, MyTeam will import meet results for sorting and review.  You gymnasts can be extracted for updating a personal team history,  which can be used for qualification analysis, or print end-of-season certificates.
MyTeam is currently a free utility.